How to become popular in Tik Tok from scratch

We offer you to consider 21 rules on how to become famous in Tik Tok from scratch. It is better to use them in a set, or start practicing one at a time, eventually turning them into a system.

1. Create a cool profile
If someone who has already watched the video liked it, they will probably want to open a profile. A potential subscriber is interested in watching other videos and learning more about the blogger who publishes them. Based on what he sees, he will make a final decision — to subscribe to the account or not. To promote your profile, you need to:

choose an easy-to-remember nickname;
put a cool photo;
add brief information about yourself;
like and subscribe.
For a perfect look, add links to Instagram and YouTube. Encourage new users by any means available.

2. Buy tiktok views

3. Unique style and theme
Initially, on TikTok, teenagers recorded videos where they opened their mouths amusingly to the soundtrack. Of course, you can come up with similar stories for the video by choosing the main theme of the songs. But a large number of such materials significantly increases the number of competitors. It is advisable to come up with a style and theme that has not yet appeared in the feed.

4. Shoot interesting and regular videos
Content is the first thing people come to the social network for. Videos from scratch can be imperfect — and that’s fine. But from the first frame, we must show that they are unique and then only the stories are more interesting. Choose a topic that is really fascinating, have fun with what you are doing.

First, it is better to focus on emotional videos. It is these videos that users most often share with others. This approach will help you get into the recommended list and increase your target audience.

5. Use popular music
Be interested in new developments in the music field. Use the melodies that everyone can hear in the videos. Scroll through sites with foreign music. For example, in Korea, many bloggers use Russian-language songs, collecting millions of views.

6. High-quality video
Not all users really pay attention to the quality of the shooting. Innovative technologies have long allowed you to get a beautiful and clear picture. A spontaneous video can get into the TOP if you managed to catch a chip. But most often, this is the result of a lot of work. Someone feels the audience intuitively, and someone needs a lot of time and observations to catch the topic.

For the quality of the video, follow the simple recommendations;

shoot on a beautiful background;
use a good camera, take care of the presence of a tripod, set the light;
pay attention to the appearance;
before recording, make a script;
choose the music that corresponds to the main idea.
No matter how simple it may seem to remove the videos, an experienced blogger knows how much time and effort it really takes to create a suitable product.

7. Sequence
Set a schedule. It is not necessary to expose several videos in 24 hours, and then disappear from the network for several days. Popularity doesn’t work that way. It is important to determine in advance the hour when you will share new material. This approach disciplines both the owner and subscribers.

8. Attract friends
If you haven’t done it yet, invite your friends from other social networks. Present them some videos, invite them to join. And also subscribe to the profile. Let it be a small number of people at first, but this is definitely a good start. It is likely that over time, their friends will also be interested in the channels of a novice, but a promising blogger.

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